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Hair Loss Program

Headstrong Trichology uses a combination of International Hair restoration techniques to get your own hair back. This includes Low Level Laser therapy and the Micro needle concept. Also, a range of products with DHT inhibitors are used to stop the current hair loss. This is the right choice for you if your looking to regain your own hair.

The minimally invasive Mesotherapy percolates hair growth peptides and serums into the scalp. The derma roller increases micro-circulation, stopping hair-fall and stimulating hair follicle re-growth.
Low Level Laser Therapy: The low-energy laser diodes in the Laser Comb promote hair growth in two ways:

First, the laser energy increases blood flow in the scalp, stimulating the health of hair follicles by providing additional nutrients and carrying away harmful waste products like Di-hydro-testosterone (DHT), the hormone that causes most hair loss.


At the same time, the laser light also encourages the production of a naturally occurring molecule known as Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), increasing cellular metabolism and activity to promote thicker, more natural-looking hair growth.

Our doctor will need an hour twice a week for a period of 15 days to 2 months depending on your hair fall situation and desired results.